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You should start counting calories as soon as possible. It is not about eating less, it is about eating right. Good nutrition is the key to good health, and the absence of disease is what makes you feel healthy. The importance of prioritizing your health is undeniable; however, it is equally important that you focus on maintaining your health rather than attempting to lose weight. It should be noted that Shefali has a variety of programs through which she will be able to assist clients in reaching their desired health goal. If you want to make any of the plans work for you, you must learn to make your health and well-being your top priority in order for them to be effective.

In order to achieve your desired health goals, we will work with you closely to understand what you are looking for and gradually modify your diet plans to bring about permanent changes in your life. In order to achieve success with your nutrition plan, you must change your nutrition behavior based on your comfort level, age, genes, goals, time frame, and other factors.

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Shifali Mehraa

Alma Mater : SNDT, Juhu, Mumbai (MH)

Experience :  10+ years

She is a leading homoeopath and dietary expert in Navi Mumbai and Thane who is noted for her expertise in diet and nutrition, naturopathy, and yoga. She is an expert in diet and nutrition, Naturopathy, and yoga. A clinical dietitian with extensive experience and practice in the profession, who has been in practice for more than 16 years, is well-known within the medical community for her thorough and all-encompassing knowledge of human nutrition and dietetics. Changing lifestyles have led to many people developing erratic eating habits that have led to the emergence of lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, and nutritional deficiencies that are caused by erratic nutrition habits. As a dietary expert, he aims to help patients adopt a healthier and more fitter lifestyle by guiding them along the way.

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Dr. Smita Sale

Alma Mater : YMT, Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Experience :  18 years

Dietitian Jyoti is well known in Navi Mumbai for her expertise in the field of nutrition. Having worked at multiple health clubs, such as Talwalkar's, and hospitals, such as the MGM Kalamboli, she has a vast amount of experience. It is our goal at JYOTI'S NUTRIALIGN to help you succeed with your diet by helping you to achieve the fitness and health goals you have set for yourself as soon as possible. Taking the first step may sometimes be the most difficult thing for you to do, but we can provide you with the right tools and support to help you make that transition and reach your goals, as well as to improve your ability to adapt to the change you desire and give you the confidence to do so. In my opinion, it is definitely worth every penny and every second of your time you put into it.

You can get help from us in figuring out which suits you the best, what is right for your body, what are the exact foods that will help you lose weight, and so on. It is a good idea to hire a nutrition mentor like Jyoti in order to help you succeed and make your fitness journey smoother and more enjoyable.

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Jyoti Deshmukh


Experience :  10+ years

Dietician Arti Jain, who has over 17 years of clinical dietetics experience, believes maintaining a healthy diet is the key to living a longer, disease-free life while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Arti's knowledge of nutrition and health, coupled with her mastery of skills and techniques, allows her to give the best consultation possible to her users. Diabetic Educator and Weight Management Consultant, she has experience in both fields. Through her work, hundreds of people have changed their lifestyles and dietary habits.

My passion is helping people achieve their health and wellness goals. She says she has helped many people lose weight, improve their diet, and live healthier lifestyles. Connecting with people allows her to understand their problems on a deeper level than just being a consultant. As well as preaching what she preaches, Arti practices what she preaches. Those around her are quite inspired by her healthy lifestyle. Walking, running, and participating in fitness activities are some of the ways she keeps herself active despite her busy schedule.

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Arti Jain

Alma Mater : IGNOU

Experience :  17 years

Dr. Neeta Patil, the CEO/Medical Director of Dr. Neeta's Bodysculpt Clinic, is a licensed doctor who has graduated from reputed institutions and completed a number of courses in the medical field. Her areas of expertise are in the areas of Obesity Management, Cosmetology, Trichology, Laser and Diet and Nutrition. Dr. Neeta's Bodysculpt Clinic is a slimming, skin, hair, laser, and beauty clinic that was established in 2012. We have a strong team of doctors, dietitians & allied health professionals at our clinic.

Dr. Aside from being an ISO 9001:2015 accredited clinic, Neeta's Bodysculpt Clinic is also a member of the antiaging medicine and research society. We have collaborated with blisszest miss Navi Mumbai 2018 as the official skincare and nutritional experts, and we were awarded the Best Weight Loss Clinic in Navi Mumbai 2017 (Aarogyam Dhanasampada).

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Alma Mater : GCTA - Australia

Experience :  22 years